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I'm an incredibly opinionated person. I like to complain about stupidity and controversy. If I see bullshit, I will call out that bullshit and bring it to attention. You can love me, you can hate me, you can laugh at what I say, or take it to heart. Either way, if you stumble across this blog and read my stuff, just sit back and enjoy the ride.

A Bump In The Road

Sadly, the past couple of days haven’t exactly been the greatest, but I’m handling them a lot better then I used to. The things that happened, which I won’t go into details about, would normally have me paranoid, overly emotional, and anxious to no end.

That didn’t happen though

I just took my problems with a grain of salt and didn’t get so dramatic about them. I simply said to myself, “Taylor, you’ve been through worse, and what happened isn’t so terrible. It’ll pass in no time, and then you can forget it ever happened.” I dealt with it in a more mature way and was rational about the whole thing.

I’m making good on my promise to change myself and my way of handling issues.

Ever since I joined this site, I’ve been changing in incredibly positive ways. When I look in the mirror, instead of hating myself, I’m starting to point out the positive qualities in me. Yes I still get depressed, but it’s not as severe anymore. I’m not usually one to make these promises to myself come true, but it’s actually happening this time.

And I couldn’t be more happy about that :)

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